Colourful sportswear by TIMA

As the fitness world continues to work its way into our lifestyles, it’s becoming easier to become more health conscious. This leads to more of an active lifestyle in our daily lives. Fashion and style preferences is not just for hangouts and work. It can be brought into the gym and while doing sports activities.

TIMA is a sportswear brand I have learned to know of, by being based in the UAE – as it is made here in the Middle East region. It is the first Saudi fitness Sport brand name, founded by the stunning Fatima Batook.

I always have been a person that likes to wear shorts while exercising. Although, since my accident 2 years ago, I have this huge scar on my leg that leaves me not as confident a lot of the times. I have started since to buy more sports leggings to wear at the gym. TIMA was lovely to send me a few pieces from their Glow Collection, which I was excited to bring along our Sri Lanka trip!

When I received the package through the mail, I thought the leggings wouldn’t fit me, but the fabric stretches up to 40% of original size so it fit me like a glove! TIMA‘s leggings are made to fit perfectly to your body, giving it maximum coverage and lift while holding its shape. So far, the colour hasn’t faded and the stretch of the leggings is still in perfect condition! Great quality, thank you TIMA for the goodies!

-Top from Urban life collection (Not in picture)
-Leggings from Glow Collection
-Sports bra Vivid braids – lucky rainbow from Glow Collection

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To get TIMA in Dubai, you can order online on their website

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