Top Things to do in Cape Town, South Africa

Things to do in Cape Town

There are so many cool things to do in Cape Town. In fact, in the 90 something countries we have been to, we are hard-pressed to find a better city when it comes to great people, things to do, terrific food, getting active and getting into nature. The cost of visiting and living are quite cheap, not to mention how beautiful the place is. Here are a few of the fun activities we managed to do while we were visiting. If you have not already, make sure Cape Town is on your travel list.

1) Helicopter Ride over Table Mountain

One of the must-do activities in Cape Town is a helicopter tour flying over the majestic Table mountain. Tours are located down past the V & A waterfront and there are several companies you can choose from. We went with NAC Helicopters 🚁 as their price and service made them an easy choice. It is also one of the recommended tours by the tourism board of Cape Town.

Upon arriving we were briefed about the safety on the flight. You can choose several different tours, depending on your time and price range. We took the “Hopper Tour” which lasts around 15 minutes and will take you on a scenic oceanic loop of Cape Town. This is the cheapest option, costing about US $270. There are several longer flights that take you on a bigger loop of Cape Town, but we found this one was more than enough to see the city. Here are a few pictures of what it looks like from up in the clouds.

Note: There are other helicopter companies available but we really were impressed with how efficient and helpful NAC was. Also, get there early and walk around V&A Waterfront, it is a great walk around and there are rides, shops and food there too. Also, due to weather, there are possibilities that your tour can be postponed. It actually happened to us!

Things to do in Cape Town

2) Cape Town Wine-tasting Experience

Cape Town is known for its wines. Many travellers go there just to go on wine tours. The wines of South Africa are some of the best in the world and the tours are cheap, plus a lot of fun. Even if you are not a wine connoisseur, a wine tour is a must when you are planning a trip to Cape Town. Recommended tours are Constantia Wine Tour, Die Bergkelder and they start from around US $50. You can hire a car but please do not drink and drive, make sure you have a designated driver as most of the wineries are 15-30 minutes from the centre of town!

3) Visit Bo Kaap District

Bo Kaap is another place that is on your must-visit list in Cape Town. If you have not heard of Bo Kaap, you maybe would have seen the pictures. It is one of the most colourful districts where each wall, each house is painted in different bright colours. On top of walking around to take plenty of photos, there are a few historical shops and museums you can walk in to see more about the neighbourhood. Make sure you get here early or late as there are many tourists flocking around for the perfect Instagram shot!

4) Scooter Tour around Cape Town Streets

Another exciting way to see parts of the city is via scooter with the @Scootourscapetown team. We didn’t read the brochure correctly and was thinking of a nice gentle ride around Table Mountain but were way off! This is for thrill-seekers for sure and we absolutely loved it! We were taken to Lions Head, which is near Table Mountain and that was the starting point of our scooter tour heading downhill. They give us all each a scooter with big fat wheels and after a few brief safety instructions, we then went down the hill at full speed! It is so much fun and good adrenaline hit. What a cool way to enjoy Cape Town outdoors other than hiking. It is not a bring your camera experience, but more like “hold on and enjoy the excitement”!

Things to do in Cape Town

5) Hiking Table Mountain

Have you ever been to Cape Town if you are not going on a hike on the world-famous Table Mountain? You cannot miss the mountain as it towers over the city and has one of the most incredible views you will ever see once at the top. Yes, you can take the cable car but where is the fun if you can actually hike it? The hike itself will take around 2 hours, a bit longer if you are going slow and stopping regularly and enjoying the experience. Up the top, there are a few shops where you can get souvenirs, water and a whole meal if you wish. There are several trails to get the top so plan accordingly where you will park your car or arrive on-site and once up the top, there are a few paths as well so do plan some time to spend up there. We took the Platteklip hike path, just 1KM past the cable car entrance. If you do not like climbing, or not capable, never fear; there is always that cable car option.

Notes: If you are climbing, PLEASE bring sunscreen and a few bottles of water. Do avoid going in the middle of the day like we did (we had no choice due to time constraints). It is not an easy climb, but there are no technical difficulties at all and I have seen virtually all types of people climb it. Also, if you are going to the cable cars, they have peak times around sunrise and sunset, so there will be a line-up no doubt.

6) Watch the sunrise/sunset from Lion’s Head

We are fans of sunsets. Waking up early isn’t much Thuymi’s thing! Lion’s Head is one of those uplifting sights that make you extremely proud to have conquered the Lion’s Head hike. It is not an easy hike but the 360° views of the beauty of Cape Town up the top is worth every struggle! For some, the hike can be categorized as short and easy, but we do believe that the honest review of it is that it’s not for everyone. Better if you have a good level of fitness and a good pair of shoes. You will have to do some rock climbing and pulling yourself up with the chain ladders. Most people will also recommend doing this hike for sunrise! It will be approximately two hours for the return hike including your time up top watching the sunrise or sunset. Sunrise sure gets lesser of a crowd than sunset by the way!

7) Sunset drinks from Camps Bays

Not only a visit to Camps Bay is a must, but it is also one of the best places you can be for a beautiful session of sundowners. The beach is famous for its beautiful fine white sand and its many trendy cafes, beach bars and restaurants to enjoy a good sunset. So make sure you plan a session to watch the sun fall into the Atlantic ocean from Camps Bay with the epic views back to the city and Lion’s Head!

8) Drive on Chapman’s Peak Drive

If you don’t know us enough yet, you will learn that we LOVE road trips, hence a drive on the most scenic drives in Cape Town on Chapman’s Peak Drive (or Chappies for the locals) is a must! If you have a drone, make sure to bring it and capture this beauty! It is a narrow, bendy road between Hout Bay and Noordhoek that hugs the dramatic cliffs of the coastline on one side and views out over the Atlantic ocean on the other. Make sure to schedule a few stops to enjoy the ocean views, or better, stop for a picnic!

Things to do in Cape Town

9) Go to Boulder’s Beach to see the penguins

Another reason to have your own car for a Cape Town trip is to drive to Boulder’s Beach to see the Penguins! They are an absolute must. It is about an hour’s drive south of Cape Town is the incredibly beautiful Boulders beach. One way to to go to some hidden beaches by yourself or to go to SANparks where you will need to pay for a conservation fee to enter the park. These cuties are endangered animals, and should only be observed from a distance so please do not try to feed them not to touch them neither.

Things to do in Cape Town
Things to do in Cape Town
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