10 Perfect Gifts for Travellers

Best gifts for holidays in Dubai

Living in Dubai is truly a luxury. Whatever we need can just be delivered to our doorstep. As silly as this might sound, you guys are a bunch to send us messages asking what would be the perfect gift to offer to your travelling friend. We decided to list up a few of our favourites that can be found on one of our go-to websites for travel gadgets in Dubai like DXB.net and Souq.com. If you are not from Dubai, these products are still amazing ideas that we are sure you can get for a blast price on Amazon!

To that friend that always loses their stuff

You know that friend that loses their keys or wallet all the time? This Chipolo is just great and tracks it like the “Find my iPhone” app from your phone! Mitch & I both have it for our car keys and wallet, classic haha!

To that friend that is obsessed with photography

If she or he has an iPhone, grab this Ollo clip set asap. This has been a gave changer for our iPhone photography game!

To the one that has an Apple Watch and travel lots

This is one of my favourite items when I travel. If your friend has an Apple Watch, they will love you forever for giving them a charging bank with a spot to charge their watch! Game changer from Belkin!

To the one that will travel soon

Maybe a new bag for your friend’s next travels? Thule bags are quite amazing and great quality. DXB.net has tons of them, get the one that would suit the best for the person you intend to gift it to!

To that person that is obsessed in filming everything

Maybe that person is into filming and making videos? Well this gift is something you must get them. The Feiyu Tech Gimbal. This gimbal will make their image super stabilized and you will change their lives forever!

To that person that loves the beach

They will obviously love you for this gift. A really good case to protect their phone in the water. This Catalyst is among the best on the market, no wonder why it’s a pricey case!

To that photographer / content creator

I mean, if you want to gift this person a wonderful gift, it must be a bag like this where they can insert all of their technology in! Plus, they will be taking a better car of their gear ;-).

To that person that is obsessed with coffee

Self explanatory right? This Wacaco device will allow them to have their pressed coffee whilst being on the road. A game changer for travellers that loves their own coffee.

To that person that loves road trips

Or simply needs a phone holder on their car ASAP because you think they are literally a danger on the road holding their phone with one hand to get their directions !!

Simple gifts makes everyone happy

Finally, sometimes simple and small gifts like an international power adaptor makes anyone happy. Who doesn’t need this?

Hope you like our suggestions and that you will have everything on time for the holiday gifts! You can also check out the list of technology we always travel with and our travel essentials to get inspired for other gifts!

See you soon!

  • Happy shopping and what would be the things on this list you would want to gift yourself?
  • Don’t forget to book your travel insurance before travelling.
  • If you don’t have your flights, check out ways to book the cheapest fares here.

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