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If you are a traveler of any kind, it is absolutely essential that you budget for travel insurance that won’t let you down. We at AdventureFaktory can recently speak from experience to the fact that not having a reliable travel insurance can come back to get you. No matter who you are, injuries and accidents can happen at the least expected and unfortunate times. There are so many things out of our control when traveling, from misplaced luggage, stolen phones, emergency medical, credit card stops working, quality travel insurance can get you through all of this.

There are lots of things you can cheap out when traveling, but not your insurance as this is the one thing you need to have ready to rock and roll in case of any mishaps.

So make sure you do some research into finding the best insurance to meet the needs of your trip. We have spent hours doing our own research and have found the insurance we are going to stick to for our travels, World Nomads. They are popular (they are featured on Lonely Planet) and there is a very good reason why. You can do it all online, fast approval and the PDS (information about details of the policy) forms are clear and easy to understand.

World Nomads covers a huge range of countries, is very reasonable in price and is the perfect insurance especially for anyone who is looking to be active on their holidays.

Why you must get Travel insurance

Travel can be quite stressful sometimes. Even though we travel for a holiday, to get away from it all, you still need to make sure you are covered in case that accident surprises you. Many of our traveling buddies told us they do not travel with insurance as they forgot to do it or give us the old “nothing will happen to us” routine.

While this is being written. Im sitting in airport as my flight has been delayed so I will now miss my connection from Bangkok to Vietnam and cannot be in an important meeting. Thank you travel insurance! Great timing for a story.

Why do you need it? Have any of the following happened to you on a holiday/work trip?

  • Needed medical assistance on holiday?
  • Food poisoning?
  • Missed a flight?
  • Had anything stolen at all?
  • Broken some equipment?
  • A family member has gotten sick so you had to go home?

If you haven’t had any of these things happen to you, then count yourself extremely lucky, or you have just not travelled enough. Trust us, it does come in handy if something goes wrong. We missed flights due to a broken leg and were able to claim it all back through travel insurance. When our camera smashed on a bike ride in Burma, we were able to claim the repairs. It may seem like a small amount of cash, but it will come in handy if you get in trouble.

But what if my credit card covers me?

Most of the credit card travel insurance is very basic and will not help you out when you need it. Get covered properly! After plenty of research and time spent scrolling reading through, we always use World Nomads as our go to. They are fairly cheap and seem to include many of the activities that we enjoy to do.

Please do your own research. What works for one person may not be the same as for other people. We do our best to advise you based on our own experience. Good Luck and Happy Travels!

You can cheap out when traveling, but not your insurance…

  • Do you get travel insurance when you go for a trip? If not, tell us why you don’t, we want to know!
  • Read more about how to book your flights and hotels at a better price!
  • Don’t forget to book your travel insurance before travelling!

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