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I’ve been recently travelling around with the Sony A7R II. I have been looking for a professional but not too heavy camera and the Sony A7R II has served me well for exceptional images throughout my trips in the United Arab Emirates and Kenya. It was my first time using a full-frame camera – not just any kind, one that has the full-frame sensor squeezed into a compact mirrorless camera body.

I feel nowadays the size of your camera doesn’t say anything about quality anymore. These cameras enable you to create high-end images with a compact and lightweight system.

While there are many pros to this camera which far outweigh the cons (I would rather end on a positive note), I would like to talk about the few concerns I have encountered. I love creating movies, so it’s great that videos can be recorded in MP4. Sony uses AVCHD (MTS files) that are higher quality, but I feel they have been for me a hassle to move around or preview once downloaded off the camera. Another downfall is the battery life that I felt was a bit too short, I had to put my whole menu and picture previews in the viewfinder to try to save the most battery. Note to self, buy a second battery!

What you need to know

  • It is a Full Frame 24.3 Megapixel Sensor
  • In-body Image Stabilization: Surprisingly sharp images at low light
  • Panoramic option available
  • Tilt Screen: Wish the screen could turn completely though to make it easier for vlogging!
  • Bracketing with Self Timer: Great great for solo travellers!
  • Wireless Transfer: This has become the norm, perfect for travellers like us that simply want to post on social right away!
  • Lens Format: Sony E & FE
  • Memory Card: SD/SDHC/SDXC
  • Video Recording: 4K or 1080 in 60/30/24p
  • Viewfinder: Electronic (100% coverage)
  • ISO Sensitivity: 100 – 102,400
  • Shutter: Silent Electronic (30 – 1/8000 seconds)
  • Weight: 22 oz / 625 g
  • It is not a cheap camera, it can be purchased in the UAE around 2300 USD


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Shot with a Sony A7R II in Masai Mara, Kenya
AdventureFaktory x Privilee
Shot with a Sony A7R II in Dubai, United Arab Emirates


AdventureFaktory Tips & Picks

– If you have travelling with a big bag, you have the jackpot as it is a legit professional quality cam in a small package
– Don’t sell your Nikon or Canon lens! The perk is that there are Metabones adapters that allow you to use other lenses than Sony’s

– The reason why Sony A7R II is such a pick for us is that it’s lightweight, compact
– Transferring pictures to your devices from anywhere
– Quite easy to use, we don’t need to explain to strangers how to take a picture for us!

Conclusion is that the Sony A7R II is an absolute go-to camera for travel photography. Can the camera be improved? Of course they can, like the short battery life. Pretty amazing camera to grab especially if you’re looking for the smallest and lightest kit possible and get professional results.

Surf Around!
  • What is your go to camera while travelling?
  • Have you tried this one before? If yes tell us what you think about it.

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