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You must wonder how to get great photos for your Instagram if you are travelling alone or with your loved one. Who is going to take the photos? Tripod? Stranger.  We do that, but it’s quite a hassle and most people wouldn’t want to get through it. Here’s one way how you can do it!

To start with our case, even as decent good photographers, always struggle taking couple pictures. You can try and set you camera and walk away, but it might fall, it might get snatched away, so many scenarios! If you give it to another stranger, even if you place them, you will never, ever get them to take it exactly how you want it. So annoying right?

Travel photographer
The perfect insta shot at the Palace Downtown Hotel overlooking the famous Burj Khalifa

Trying to find a solution to this has been hard, we pretty much just go through the hassle now. Although we decided to test out a service that is becoming more and more in trend: hire travel photography companies that source amazing individuals to shoot private session for you around the city. It’s a photographer on hire to shoot whatever you want to keep memories of your travel journey.

We tried Travelshoot, an Australian based company gone global solving this exact problem. They do exactly what we’ve been talking you into. They connect travellers with professional photographers from around the world and if you’re going somewhere and want those amazing shots, they will make it happen.

How does Travelshoot work?

Step 1: Book your travel shoot and they will find a photographer that best meets your needs.

Step 2: Meet photographer. You will be able to connect prior to the shoot so you can both work out the things you want to do and locations.

Step 3: Travel shooting Day – spend a few hours with your photographer. As they have the local knowledge of the best spots for a pictures they will take you around if you let them the freedom to chose the location.

Step 4: See your photos! These guys are ultra quick so you will get some sneak peaks of the shoot within 48 hours, how good is that?

So, now the next step is for you to check out their website and see where they available. They have so many photographers worldwide so you can see which one is right for you, whether you are a couple, family or going solo! You can have a sneak peak at our photos for the Dubai shoot. We had Marius that is an expert in couples/wedding photography, so we had a little romantic shoot session around the famous landmark that is the Burj Khalifa!

Travel photographer

Travel photographer

Travel photographer
Travel photographer


Travel photographer
Having too much fun with the turtles around

Travel photographer

Travel photographer
Those moments when the photographer wants you to have a bit of fun!

Travel photographer

Ma'a as-salaama

  • Have you ever thought of hiring a photographer for your travels? Tell why you would or wouldn’t, we want to hear about your thoughts.
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