Vintage Clothes in Ho Chi Minh City at Mayhem Saigon

Where to buy Vintage Clothes in Saigon

If you are looking for a shop that sells vintage clothes, you will hit jackpot with Mayhem Saigon. It is one of my favorite shops in Ho Chi Minh City, one of the first vintage and thrift stores in town that does it properly! I try to not always go there unless it is to bring a friend that is visiting town. I feel like living out of a suitcase is hard when you love shopping, so I try to avoid getting at Mayhem because I would leave the store with a bad of goodies. They have everything you need from bags, glasses, scarves, boots, etc.

They supply used clothing/vintage from mostly Japan for the style, quality, quantity and sizes. You always get some unique pieces & original match ups by the Mayhem team. The team is great and talented. Each one of them has a talent, like these great artworks on the wall is by one of their team members. Go check them out 🙂

Address: 136/1 Lê Thánh Tôn, Bến Thành, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam | Phone: 028 38 2424 36


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