We did a Vietnamese Cheesy photoshoot at the corner shop

A must do in Vietnam: Cheesy Photos

It happened. I remember 6-7 years ago, even at the time we were on AsianAvenue.com, some of my Vietnamese friends going back to motherland would come back posting a set of “Vietnamese style” photos. There was too much photoshop on their face, brightness overload and an “amazing” background.

Well here we are, in Vietnam. While we were taking pictures for passport & documentation, I decided let’s put some costumes on the side room to participate in a photo session. An hour later, sweating because of the heat, here are the results.

20,000 Vietnamese Dong (1$US) per file, that was the cost. Took all 38 files. He worked hard to crop them and “edit” them, I know because I looked at him doing it. Usually he would insert them behind a cheesy background, but I wanted the pics right away, I told him it’s fine.

Fun experience, too bad they didn’t have an Ao Dai (Vietnamese traditional dress) that would fit Mitch! Photos will be leaked slowly as I have to retouch the background of each of them.



Tạm biệt!

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