Vietnamese food at 313 @ Somerset Singapore

Vietnamese Restaurants in Singapore: Mrs Pho, 313@Somerset

If you are living around River Valley and the Orchard area, you finally can get some decent Vietnamese food near you! Located in the heart of Singapore, Somerset Road, lies one of our favourite cuisine’s restaurant, Mrs Pho. As we both used to live in Vietnam, not to mention the fact that Thuymi has Vietnamese heritage, we are all always on the lookout for food that reminds us of “home”. So when we heard about the opening of another Mrs Pho outlet, which has some items not available from the other ones we visited, we have jetted there to try it out. Mrs Pho offers traditional Vietnamese cuisine at Somerset 313, conveniently right at the exit of the MRT if you take the right one!

What to eat at Mrs Pho?

Of course, the famous Pho dish is at the top of the menu in regards to its classical dishes, however, they have gone super deluxe. The special part of this Premium Pho dish is the surveyed short ribs that are actually marinated in a spice rub, which when mixed with the noodles and the meatballs are an absolute gem to eat. If you are not looking for the Premium Pho, they still have their regular Wagyu Pho which is beautiful with a side of the beef tendon as well, which is something that Thuymi loves.

One of Thuymi‘s favourite dishes each time we go back to Vietnam is the grilled Beef La Lot. This is your typical entree starter in Vietnam and is basically minced beef wrapped in a leaf. You then get the lettuce and pickled vegetables, roll them into a big wrap and then eat it all in one bite. Do not forget to have the sauce and pour it on everything first, as it will enhance your eating experience.

The Stir-fried Crab Meat Noodle is something that we do not normally associate with Vietnamese cuisine. However, when mixed with the fried Vermacili and the Crabmeat on top it is a very tasty dish. The Mountain Style Grilled Chicken is marinated in a new Vietnamese spice rub before it is cooked surveyed to make that chicken super tender. I hate bones in my chicken, so this mountain style chicken is perfect for me or any non-bone lover. We actually ordered more than one plate of this.

We also need to make sure we are eating fairly healthy so we also went for the Clay Pot Eggplant with King Oyster Mushrooms. Eggplants have to be cooked in a specific way, otherwise, they don’t taste great and the team at Mrs Pho have managed to get the eggplant to melt in your mouth. The choice of mushrooms as well blends very well with the eggplant dish. 

To top off the evening, like we always seem to do, is to make sure we have a tasty dessert. The go-to one today is the Marou Chocolate Mousse. The best thing about this is that the Vietnamese chocolate is specific to that area and it is dark chocolate that tastes incredible. We actually found out that Marou is the first artisan chocolate maker to be based in Vietnam that makes bars from the bands of superior quality all the way in the Mekong Delta. No wonder we finished bowls in record time and actually wanted to have some more. If you are looking for a more traditional dessert, they also have Grass jelly in coconut milk.

Speaking of value, Mrs Pho is organizing a HUGE giveaway, giving you the chance to win a bowl of PHO for the entire year. Think of 365 bowls of Pho to win! So make sure you visit the website for more information.

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