Where To Go When You’re Driving Coast-To-Coast Across The USA

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Coast-to-coast road trips are an American past time. The USA was built on and defined by great journeys out West. Today, people from all over the world look to recreate this kind of trip, travelling to American shores specifically to pack into a van and cross the states, stopping in some of the most iconic cities in the world.

If you’re planning a trip coast-to-coast across the United States you’ll want to know exactly what the best stops to hit are.

A road trip with a purpose is one of the best ways to give your travels a focus and make the experience even more memorable, whether it’s following a band on tour or stopping at historical monuments. Poker tournaments are an interesting, and unique, event to follow during your travels, and many of the biggest happen in the USA. You can use this guide from Online Casinos to see if any major events line up with the trip.

Santa Monica

For West Coast-based readers, Santa Monica is the perfect location to start your cross-country journey. This coastal city an hours drive from Los Angeles is part sun-drenched party town and part amusement heaven.

The famous Santa Monica Pier, stunning views of Palisades Park and State Beach are great spots to have some fun and get a suntan before you set off on the rest of your trip. The oceanside attractions are vast and loved by locals and day-trippers alike, specifically the free-entry amusement park. You can even stock up on fruit and veg for the trip at the world-famous farmers market.

A beautiful combination of city and sand that makes for the perfect way to ease yourself into an unforgettable trip, just make sure you don’t party too hard.

Where to stop on a USA road trip: Santa Monica

New Orleans

There are a thousand reasons why you need to make this marvelous, energetic and eccentric city a stop on your cross-country tour. New Orleans is rowdy and has the culture and extravagance to back up the noise.

Whether you’re just passing through, or making a specific stop to celebrate Mardi Gras, you’ll find an absolute ton to do. Beyond the aforementioned giant carnival full of parades and parties, New Orleans also has the historic French Quarter, shopping on Magazine Street and a beautiful collection of stunning Antebellum architecture to admire.

Food is a big deal in New Orleans. Whether it’s crawfish or gumbo, we can guarantee the taste will be so flavourful and fantastic it’ll stick with you for the rest of the trip. Just like New Orleans will.

Where to stop on a USA road trip: Santa Monica

Grand Canyon

The traditional American road trip. We’ve all seen the Grand Canyon in TV shows and films, maybe you even fell asleep in the back of the car on the way there when you were a kid, but nothing will prepare you for how vast and imposing it is in person. This is a bucket-list must for anyone who considers themselves at one with the great outdoors.

Yeah, you could park up and peer over the crowds to try and get a good look, before heading off to your next stop. Or, you could make your trip to the Grand Canyon unforgettable. This incredible gorge isn’t just a landmark sight, it’s a brilliant spot for a picnic or a hike with your closest friends. Chances are you’ll have all been trapped in a car for hours on end anyway, so why not step out and be at one with this American-made marvel of nature.

Where to stop on a USA road trip: Santa Monica


Looking for a stop on your trip that has a bit of life to it? Few places are as likely to get you moving, singing and smiling as much as Nashville will. This bustling Tennessee city is in love with its music and food.

You’ll find live music around every corner in Nashville. Affectionately known as Music City, expect to hear people strumming guitars and singing along across concert halls, bars down the street and on the sidewalk every night of the week. If all this inspires you to learn your history, you can visit the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Nashville was built for foodies, it’s a standout eatery destination in the South. Whether you’re eating at a diner or sampling it’s iconic street food, Nashville is your spot to refuel. Get ready to gorge on fried pickles, hot chicken and catfish.

A fantastic stop to stretch your legs in a line dance. Don’t forget to pack your cowboy boots.

Where to stop on a USA road trip: Nashville

New York City

What better way to finish your coast-to-coast trip than with a stop at the Big Apple. Everyone knows New York, and you shouldn’t pass up your opportunity to see it in person.

The beauty of New York is its size and variety, it literally has something for everyone. Looking for a cultural journey? The Metropolitan Museum of Art has world-class art and Off-Broadway gives you a peek at up-and-coming talent. Do you like history? The Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building are landmarks of not just American, but human history. Do you like parties? New York has every kind of party you could imagine, from live music to Brooklyn apartment get-togethers.

There’s something for everyone. A full coast-to-coast trip shouldn’t miss anything out. You should be able to drive away from every location feeling you saw something special. New York guarantees something special will happen. Skip it at your own warning.

Things to do in NYC for 3 days

Driving coast-to-coast across the United States is a special kind of trip, full of memories, learning experiences and beautiful sights. There are so many stops big and small you should visit, but these are some we think you can’t afford to miss.

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