Whisky Journey Singapore: Learn about Whisky and Discover new bars in Singapore

Whisky Journey Singapore: Learn about Whisky and Discover new bars in Singapore

The Whisky Journey 2020 will be kicking off on Friday, 11 December, where ticket holders will be able to visit a list of 15 bars across the island to try samples of Whisky during. The journey is a 10-day bar and restaurant whisky trail, exclusively available only from the 11th to 20th of December. The journey only costs S$35.

Since travel isn’t possible, this Whisky Journey bar-hopping in Singapore is the ideal early Christmas you can make to yourself or some friends and family! It is also quite a fun end-of-year holiday plan within Singapore!

For this first-of-its-kind concept, 15 local bars and restaurants in Singapore will be partnering with whisky distilleries around the world to offer unique tasting menus, whisky pairings and rare bottles for purchase. There will be signature serves and exclusive limited Whisky Journey inaugural bottlings. The event is really made for those who want to learn about Whisky to the connoisseurs.

Participating Bars for the Singapore Whisky Journey

The 15 restaurants and bars island-wide will have whiskies ranging from family-owned boutique distilleries to renowned international brands. Each venue will be paired with a whisky distillery and offer a tasting menu, samples of highly sought-after casks and rare bottles at wholesale prices.

With the Whiskey Journey package, guests will journey through the different whisky regions and be treated to a free whisky tasting dram at each partner bar and restaurant. To complete the sensory experience, a delectable range of additional whisky tasters will be made available from $2 onwards.

Some partner bars and restaurants will also delight guests with unique whisky pairings. To truly celebrate whisky culture and ensure an enjoyable experience for all, restaurant and bar staff will be trained by the distilleries to share tasting insights and experiences.

Whisky Journey Singapore: Learn about Whisky and Discover new bars in Singapore

Tickets for the Whisky Journey Singapore

Early Ticket passes are available at S$32, with passes priced at S$45 each at the door of participating bars. Pass holders will be entitled to a free Glencairn whisky glass, a Whisky Journey passport and a free 10ml tasting dram at each participating bar and restaurant. All guests will also have the opportunity to buy additional drams from only $2, access to industry experts, exclusive access to Whisky Journey bottlings, and many fringe activities. All passes are available for purchase at www.whiskystore.com.sg

Whisky Journey Singapore: Learn about Whisky and Discover new bars in Singapore
Whisky Journey Singapore: Learn about Whisky and Discover new bars in Singapore

This special festival organized by The Whisky Store seeks to reinvigorate the local F&B community that has been severely hit by the pandemic and provide a platform for rebuilding the industry in the weeks ahead. If you participate, you can also use the hashtags #whiskyjourneysingapore #whiskyjourney2020 and tag @whiskyjourneysingapore to stay in touch with the other Whisky lovers doing the same journey!

Participating Bars and Restaurants

  1. Cable Car 1890’s Saloon
  2. Copper
  3. FOC
  4. Jiu Zhuang
  5. Joo Bar
  6. Malts
  7. Quaich Bar South Beach
  8. Silvermalt
  9. S L A T E.
  10. The Cooperage
  11. The Other Roof
  12. .The Writing Club
  13. Tom Dick & Hillary’s
  14. Wala Wala Café Bar
  15. #WLJK

Participating Distilleries

  1. Bunnahabhain
  2. Cù Bòcan
  3. Currach
  4. Deanston
  5. Duncan Taylor
  6. Glencadam
  7. Glen Scotia
  8. Inchmoan
  9. Inchmurrin
  10. Kalak
  11. Ledaig
  12. Loch Lomond
  13. Ornabrak
  14. Paul John
  15. The Lakes Distillery
  16. The Scotch Malt Whisky Society
  17. Tobermory
  18. Tomatin
  19. Tomintoul
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