Win a free 7-night stay at Phuket Cleanse in Thailand

Phuket Cleanse

Spending a week at Phuket Cleanse has been fantastic. It was our first time spending such a long time in a retreat, we didn’t know what to expect. One thing we knew is that Phuket Cleanse has an incredible all-inclusive package. All-inclusive package? Sounds cheap but absolutely is NOT cheap at all. Staying at Phuket Cleanse will be the best you can get out of your money. It includes:

  • 3 healthy meals a day
  • Room
  • Complimentary laundry daily
  • Juice fasting program for 3 days or more included upon request
  • Daily foot massage (45 mins)
  • Hour full body massage (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Sunday)
  • All classes & workshops (HIIT, Yoga, Muay Thai, SUP, Buddha Hike, Beach walks, etc)


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🇹🇭 PHUKET CLEANSE 🇹🇭 What a crazy “first day” at @phuketcleanse. It started with a perfect HIIT at @rawfitnessphuket and some sun time before doing our Ice Bath induction with Francesco. I managed to stay 30 minutes in the bath and @thuymj joined for 20 minutes. It was a very tough but they train you to breathe and mentally be strong. Kudos to @kayleigh_dawson and @amandarushforth for roughing it out with us. What an experience! 🥶 In the afternoon we did a strength session and also some extra #MuayThai skills and weight session. It was amazing to wrap it up for a sunset at the beach. 🇹🇭🥊💪🏼🥥🌴 @halathailand @tourismthailand #AmazingThailand #WorkLife 🇹🇭✈️ ❋ Our Phuket guide will be on 🌎 – 📷 #ShotOniPhone 🇹🇭 More photos of 📍Thailand #AdventureFaktoryInThailand 🗺 Travel guides & inspiration ➡ AdventureFaktory

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Free stay at Phuket Cleanse

Now let’s get to the point, we loved our time at Phuket Cleanse so much that with our friends that we spent the journey with, we decided to giveaway a 7-night package for you and your +1. How to win this? Simple go on this Instagram post below and follow the instructions here or on the caption. We will be announcing the winner two weeks from now!


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🌴 PHUKET CLEANSE GIVEAWAY 🌴 Been five days here and feels wonderful. A lot of of fitness, a lot of good food and great company. This morning was the Buddha Hike! After doing it two days ago, decided this time would be only a half session running the last 2km up there. Still felt amazing ! – On another note, GOOD NEWS, you can run the chance to win a seven-night stay for two to @phuketcleanse HOW TO WIN 🌴Follow all seven accounts @adventurefaktory @danaemercer @carlyneave @thuymi @amandarushforth @kayleigh_dawson @phuketcleanse. 🌴Tag one friend you’d (maaaybe) travel with for this retreat in Thailand 🇹🇭 – 🥊💪🏼🥥🌴 @halathailand @tourismthailand #AmazingThailand A full review of Phuket Cleanse will be on 🌎 – 📷 @NikonMEA #Z7 + 24-70mm | #Zdifferently + beautiful candid side shot from @carlyneave 🇹🇭 More photos of 📍Thailand #AdventureFaktoryInThailand 🗺 Travel guides & inspiration ➡ @AdventureFaktory

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How to win the Phuket Cleanse stay?

In two simple steps, you will be eligible for this contest. Winners will be announced two weeks from now and we will verify if the person we pick has followed both the entry requirements.

Phuket Cleanse promo code

In saying that, if you simply want to book now, you are in luck we have a promo code! You can use our code “Adventure10” when you send a booking inquiry. Make sure you add a reference to the e-mail to Stanton that manages the promo codes.


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