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Are you a wine lover and happen to be travelling in Montenegro? Well, this is why you probably landed here to find The Best Wine Tour in Montenegro, The Radevic Estate Wines. If you are seeking a luxury retreat to dive into wines, we really recommend you to plan an excursion to discover the wines and foods from the central region of Montenegro and visit Renee and Dr Goran’s winery Radevic Estate Wines.

Their wines are made from grapes grown on naturally cleaned soil, without any pesticides or herbicides. The wines are made by the technologist Ivan Dašić and foods you will eat are prepared with a lot of love from the family. The produce is all sourced from the Montenegrin small food producers so you are also helping local business.

Radevic Estate Wines Prices

They are open to visitors all year round, except January, by appointment only. Tasting tours may be limited during the Harvest but you can join them as they pick their grapes for the current vintage. Tours are limited to small groups of 6-8 people at a time at around 25 Euros/pp. For a lot of wine and food, plus plenty of worldly stories, this is certainly cheap.

Opening hours are daily by appointment only from 9 am to 4 pm.

The 25€ tour includes tours of the Estate, vineyards, winery, and Grappa House lasts approximately one hour with a tasting of 3 of our award-winning wines, including our signature “Renee” dessert wine, a glass of grappa, and an array of delectable small-bites prepared in their kitchen! Following the tour and tasting, you’ll have the opportunity to visit their cute Retail Shop where their wines and exclusive wine accessories are offered. They also sell organic honey, lip balms, and healing essential oils.

Custom tours like the below we have experienced can be arranged by calling them in advance and they will quote you accordingly.

Contact them here to book: +382-69-276-055 or [email protected]
Address: Radevic Estate, Rogami-Piperi bb 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

AdventureFaktory Photography at Radevic Estate Wines
Listening to Dr Goran’s stories

Wine tasting experience in Montenegro: Radevic Wine Estate

The owner, Dr Goran Radević will tell you many tales of his professional and life experience working as a doctor in China, South Africa and the Cayman Islands. His life story is an experience on itself to listen to while going through his winery tour.

On most of his tours, you will taste six wines including a dry Chardonnay, semi-sweet Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Vranac and Renée (premium liqueur semi-sweet white wine they create) with a plate of cheese, olives, smoked ham, sausages all made by local producers of Montenegro. Dr Goran and his wife are more than happy to custom make the tour based on what you want to experience.

AdventureFaktory Photography at Radevic Estate Wines

How far is the winery from the capital?

Radevic Estate Wines is located in the historic village of Rogami, just 10 minutes outside the city limits of Podgorica. But from the centre of Podgorica, the winery is about 45 minutes drive. We personally drove all the way from Kotor to the winery which took us 1 hour and a half. Once you’ve put it on the map. It can be confusing to find it, we personally got lost and had to stop a local biking around to borrow his phone to call Dr Goran to give us the right directions! We basically completely missed the small sign!

AdventureFaktory Photography at Radevic Estate Wines

Make sure to try Vranac at the Radevic Estate 

If you don’t already know, Vranac is an ancient variety of grape native to Montenegro. With it can be made a dry red wine which is very typical in the region of the Balkans.  “The word ‘Vranac’ means strong, black and powerful horse (black stallion), and wine made from this variety of grape is associated with strength, potency, and success. Vran also means ‘raven coloured or black’; red wine is also known as black wine in many South Slavic languages.”

Our experience at the Radevic Wine Estate

We have been here twice and it is always a good experience. What makes this wine tour more special than the others are the stories of Dr Goran Radevic and of his wife Renée. Both organize very hospitable and homey wine tours that end with a feast of meat, cheese, etc, over many types of wines. We will let you guess or get the surprise of what is in store for dessert! In a nutshell, if you want to learn more about wines or like wine and want to hear more about it, Radevic Estate Wines is your prime destination!

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How cute is the shop?

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